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2 guesses who’s B1…

Being Kiwi’s we are lucky to have such a naturally beautiful slice of the world to live in. Our remote little country has developed a nice way of life, unique to us. With our hands on nature and take it easy kiwi spirit, let’s face it NZ is pretty awesome. The only problem is being that isolated and that small makes the world seem so big and so far away.

We made the decision to dream big and get off our little rock to see the world. We saved up and moved to London to see what we could find. The main problem with the world being so big and all, is where does one start? We did some research, made a little bucket list and set some goals. Before long we had that travel bug people talk about. We ticked off most of europe and are now on our next adventure.

Albert Einstein said “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” The same can be said about travelling the world. One door opens and ten more are behind it. There is so much going on in this incredible world that is waiting to be found. You can surf one wave up the Amazon for over half an hour. Ever dream of visiting the Island from Momma-mia or skiing the Swiss alps? Someone you enjoy to stalk on FB, post a photo diving with whale sharks? BLOODY WHALE SHARKS!!! How can people possibly be living like that while you work your ass off saving for a house or waiting for something to just happen.

This site is Bianca (B1) and Brett’s (B2) way of showing you how it can be done. Sharing our research and some of our stories from along the way. Its about helping others to take the shackles of a normal life off and getting out to do something extraordinary.

We hope you enjoy.

B1 & B2


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