Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon

Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Yangon


Ever dreamed of living like the rich and famous, even if just for a short time. Glamour, luxury and super yachts? Is Titanic still your favourite movie, and part of you wants the thrill of running away and falling in love on a luxury yacht, just like Jack and Rose?


In Yangon, is located one of the most unique luxury hotels Bianca and I have ever stayed at and it is exactly what you are after!

Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel is a Super-yacht permanently moored dockside. Inside are over 100 rooms, multiple decks, restaurants & bars, entertainment rooms and a theatre, meaning once inside this glamorous yacht you will never want to leave. It’s permanent dockside mooring means you don’t have to worry about the captain hitting any pesky icebergs! And the flat bottom prevents any seasickness inducing rocking.


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Captains courters


The décor inside is nothing short of exemplary. Vintage ornaments and cabinetry create a real atmosphere in the rooms. One that makes you feel like a captain of this very important ship. The fireplace, feather pen’s and barrel mini bar give an authenticity to that feeling.


The grand staircase is something of dreams and movies. Three stories’ it curls, with a candle chandler dangling in its centre like the heart of the ship. Crew-member staff are always on hand and respond to any request at the drop of a hat. Whether it is to fill the spa at the front of the ship or to organise a viewing in the theatre. Nothing is too large or small to ask for. The longer you stay the more the feeling escalates, by your departure you will be introducing yourself as a Commodore.


Yangon, Myanmar, top travel guide, Travel Blog, Myanmar guide, What to do in Myanmar

Grand staircase at the Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel.

There are a few sailor traditions I would recommend and none more so than indulging in a few fingers of rum while at sea, the bar area even has a live band playing on the weekends if you require further arm twisting. When the morning rolls around your can always blame the waves for your stager (when we all know there are none). Get yourself up to the breakfast buffet and you will be back in top form by the time you finish your espresso coffee.

The best thing about Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel is that it won’t cost you your life saving’s and a lucky roll of the dice like it did Jack. Extremely affordable rates make this luxury destination hard to turn away from.

So Commodore, what are you waiting for?






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