5 Simple and Awesome Airport Hacks for Your Next Journey

5 Simple and Awesome Airport Hacks for Your Next Journey

It’s always fun and exciting to travel. We get to meet people from different parts of the globe, as well as see the beautiful places this world has to offer. However, if there’s one drawback to travelling, it’s the whole process of getting through an airport. If we’re caught on a bad day, we can either get stuck in long lines, or meet rude airport security personnel, or delayed flights, or even worst, all of the above. Thankfully, by coming in prepared, you’ll have many ways to make the transition faster, smoother, and more comfortable. Having said that, we’ve listed a rundown of airport hacks that will help you on your journey.

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Have Spare Ziploc Bags

If you’re travelling to the United States, then you should know that TSA, or Transportation Security Administration requires you to separate your liquids into clear plastic bags. Also for carry-ons, they have a 3-1-1 liquids rule, which only allows you to have one quart-sized clear plastic bag. A spare Ziploc bag can also be used to store wet clothes, or simple mobile phone bags when going to the beach.

Bring an Empty Water Bottle and Snacks

As much as possible, you should avoid purchasing snacks and beverages at airports, as these items are some of the most overpriced commodities, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Scott McCartney. You can simply get around this by packing your own snacks, as well as bringing an empty water bottle that you can refill once you get past airport security.

Reserve an Airport Parking Slot

A little bit of research about airport parking and other alternatives can make all the difference in the world. Say you’re from the UK, and are going on an overseas trip for a couple of weeks, the best, most obvious way is to reserve a slot one to two days before your flight. However, if you’re travelling in the early hours of the morning, or late at night, you should be aware that there’s an airport hotel with parking option. Parking4Less describes this provision as “an enjoyable extension to your holiday or business trip” which will help you relax before embarking on a long journey.

Store your Laptop in an Easy-to-Access Bag

This hack is somewhat close to the heart of travel bloggers. First off, it’s vital to invest in a laptop case to protect one of your most important possessions. Second, before passing airport security, you should store your laptop in an easy-to-access place, as aviation personnel often make you scan your gadgets separately. While you’re at it, it’s also advisable to make your check-in suitcases and carry-on bags easily identifiable. Bethany Ramos even lists a variety of ways on how to personalize your luggage.

Choose the Checkpoint Queue Farthest to the Left

All of us hate waiting in line, so if you’re in a rush to relax inside the departure and/or make your flight, it’s sensible to pick the line to the far left. Research shows that since most people are right handed, they habitually lean toward the right lane first. Also, while in line, if you worry about your carry-on going over the limit, you can wear heavy items like jean jackets, sweaters, and the like, to get past security. In addition, Independent Traveler claims that you can use this jacket to carry more stuff. As soon as you’re in, you can then head to the nearest bathroom and repack your clothes.

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