Hotel Gran Palma, Paracas Luxury

Gran Palma Paracas a place to REFRESH

In this ‘Luxury Escape’ we review the Hotel Gran Palma, Paracas.


When travelling on extended trips (especially travelling in a couple) it is so very important to spend a little more and have a night of luxury. Shake the road dust out of your hair and give your back and neck the break it deserves. All those nights sleeping in lumpy dormitory bunks or tent floors. Retire your weary body into a soft bed with a fluffy pillow. Relax in a room perfumed by the faint tinge of lavender, stark in contrast from the old sock/armpit cocktail stench that lingers in the walls and curtains of the usual backpacker abode.

Similarly when taking a short vacation break it is important to treat yourself. You have been working how hard and for how long? This is your time to unwind and refresh, so you will need to check yourself into a place where you can get that revived feeling. In two weeks time when you are back at work sitting back at your desk, it will be the room service or the huge super king bed which your mind drifts off too.


During our short stop in Paracas the time came to treat-ourselves.

After staying at a partiers hostel in Lima for almost a week, we just needed to be alone. Spend sometime together with nobody trying to peer-pressure another mix drink down our necks.

Hotel Gran Palma  was the perfect destination to recharge.


We arrived earlier than the 3pm check in time, although leaving our bags secure in the lobby was no problem. We were starving and used the time to look around the small town for a restaurant. The receptionist was amazingly kind to us and as soon as we returned from lunch, we were shown to our room.

We had a Private twin with an en-suite. The room came with a large cupboard to unpack into. I always unpack if staying for longer than one night, for me it is an essential part of feeling “off-the-road”. We melted into the beds and let lunch settle, our weary bodies tingled in the unknown comfort. It is very hard these days to find a pillow that does not feel like cardboard, Gran Palma pillows were like heaven. Our room provided all the essentials, cupboard, T.V, fan and our own bathroom. Everything was presented clean and tidy. It truly is the small things that really count.



After a good nights sleep, we joined other guests on the rooftop for our buffet breakfast. Many tourists staying in Paracas will be doing the Ballestas Island tour and/or Paracas National Park. These tours start very early making it perfect timing to enjoy a full breakfast first thing in the morning.

The food was delicious with a wonderful selection.


They offered a standard breakfast of toasted bread rolls, eggs, potatoes and different spreads. There were also different types of cereals and an array of fresh fruits. Drinks offered were tea/coffee and a variety of delicious fresh squeezed juices. While we enjoyed breakfast we were able to admire the view from the terrace. Looking over the town and across the harbour. This was a really pleasant start to our day.


Hotel Gran Palma Paracas

A quaint hotel located right in the middle of town. If visiting Paracas we highly recommend staying here. The unobstructed harbour views that accompany breakfast was our major highlight. We thoroughly enjoyed the luxury break they offered, and are now fresh for our next adventure.



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