San Blas Islands with Blue Sailing

Blue Sailing Adventure through the San Blas Islands

Bianca and I Snorkeled

We were in-between two pristine San Blas Islands. Masks set over our faces we looked deep into the crystal blue water. Visibility was superb although the bottom was a blue pit, the ground too deep to be seen. Our blood suddenly boiled with excitement as we saw something just out of our vision’s reach. In the distance, we made out blurry shapes. Large dynamic shapes, slipping seamlessly through the water. Closer they came. Grey shapes shot straight under us. Dolphins! “I can’t breath” Bianca burst out, totally overwhelmed by exhilaration. A small pod of dolphins playfully put on a show around us. A young calf stuck close to its mother. Spiralling, darting around us just beyond arm’s reach. Above water the sunset lit the sky on fire ending another day in paradise.


This was one of four dolphin encounters during our Blue Sailing adventure, and just another highlight sailing through the dreamy paradise of Panama’s, San Blas Islands.

1pm was our call time in Puerto Lindo. A chicken bus followed by 7 people crammed into a Ute got us there with minutes to spare. We needn’t have worried. Caribbean time is very different to normal time. Our captain took our passports to be stamped and approved by the indigenous Kuna people who govern and protect the islands.

Midnight Departure

We woke up the following we were already in an island Utopia. Coconut tree covered islands surrounded us, if you can call them that. More like mounds of white sand sticking out of the warm blue ocean. You surely have seen the paradise islands computer screen savers that pop up at work when you take a coffee break. The island that looks to perfect to be real. Those island paradises that make you say to yourself, next holiday that will be me. We found them! And they are accessible for YOU!

3 Days in San Blas Islands on the big fish

We spent our days sailing between islands on the ‘Big Fish’ Yacht. Exploring new coral reefs, tropical fish and countless shipwrecks scattered throughout roughly 365 of these islands. Aquatic life thrives in the protected waters of the islands where only the invading lionfish can be killed off as it destroys balance in local ecosystem.

Our ‘Big Fish’ crew of two treated us like kings. Meals made from the freshest and finest local ingredients. We gorged on lobster, tuna, beef steaks and late night snacks. Left us wanting for nothing but an extension to this bliss. Blue Sailing tours put together an incredible package well worth the regulated price tag that comes with the San Blas Islands. There is no better border crossing on our planet than the San Blas Islands. This is definitely one more to add to the bucket list!



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