Al Natural on Bocas

Al Natural on Bocas

Redefining paradise

Slip off your jandals (flip flops), you don’t need them at Al Natural. Walk up the varnished wooden steps to the balcony of your cabana. Drop the heavy bags and let the warm sea breeze brush the hair away from your face. It blows away all thought of anything but the present. Bask in this moment of absolute perfection. Looking out across a coral reef, the beautiful white sand beaches of Isla Zapatilla entices a visit, which will come later. A hammock beacons you, but it’s not time for that just yet either.

More to explore

Up stairs we find a master bedroom. Open aired, no windows. Spinning in excitement blends the green jungle and the blue ocean views. Falling back onto a bed so comfortable it could be a cloud. The simple answer… it is, cloud 9. A grand mosquito net cascades down over the king size bed, keeping out the nasties but letting in all the noises of nature, lapping waves, birds chirping and monkeys howling. ‘Tranquilo’ the locals say, ‘bliss’ I say.

Who’s hungry?

The meals at Al Natural are not quite like other larger resorts. Al Natural promotes a communal atmosphere, inviting all guests to family style sit down meals. Even the local monkeys are known to attend dinner time. There is no menu except for what head chef Victor decides at the time. You know, whatever Victor has on his mind will blow yours. Meals at Al Natural tickle those taste buds till the last morsel.

Time to unwind

Let lunch settle by dragging a deck chair into the calm waters. That’s right, they float. Your mind wanders in the sun’s warm rays. You have worked hard, treat yourself to some R&R. Total relaxation.
Once you acclimatise to the slow pace of this resort getaway then it’s time to venture over to that beautiful island you saw from the balcony. Meet the local tribe and find some red frogs. Adventurers might like to board the kayak and mosey out to the reef where a tropical nursery of fish lives amongst the black and brain corals. Once you’re hooked, Al Natural will take you through a discovery dive. Paddy certifications of all levels are ready to be undertaken when you are.

Al Natural Resort immerses guests in a luxurious and nature filled experience. An ideal location for sweetheart honeymooners, family fun getaways and those times when you just need to treat yourself.


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    September 27, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    I’ve made two visits to Al Natural in less than two years. I LOVE this off-the-grid eco resort. It’s a beautiful, serene, magical place created with an eye toward respecting and conserving Mother Earth’s natural resources. I love my time spent there, it always brings me closer to the simplicity of life in all its majesty. <3

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