How to open a coconut

Coconut for lunch?

There is nothing more Alpha than hunting and gathering. There may come a time when you find yourself stranded on an island with no water or food. Or you could be at the beach and forgot your picnic. In both serious scenarios you will need to take up the coconut challenge.

We all know what the reward is inside a coconut so this blog post will tell you the steps to getting that reward. By the end of this post you will know how to feast on coconut and NOT waste a drop using only your surroundings.



Step 1: Retrieve the coconut

Scour the area for a low tree 3-4m high is perfect. Make sure there are plenty of large bowling ball sized coconuts hanging in it.

There are a few techniques to knocking the nuts from the tree.

1. The easiest method of retrieving the coconut is with a long piece of wood. Bamboo works perfectly as it is light. Aim your wooden pole near the coconuts on the branch where the nuts are attached. With a strong shove, shake the branch until one falls.
Make sure nobody is standing in the drop zone

2. Use a medium weighted rock to knock one loose. This technique requires good hand eye coordination and a solid throwing arm. Throw a rock up into the coconuts as hard as you can until one comes free. Not recommended if you have had shoulder injuries in the past.

3. The most difficult and dangerous way to retrieve a coconut is to climb or get boosted up the tree. Put your hand at the crown of the coconut where it’s attached. Pull down hard and fast.
Locals use a belt loop between their feet and ‘hop’ up the slippery trees.
Please Be extremely careful. Do not to fall out of the tree!!!


Step 2: Remove the husk

Now we have a coconut, Awesome! How do we open it?

This takes some time and elbow grease without a machete to slice the top straight off.
You will need to find a fallen tree with an upstanding branch or solid sharp edge on a rock or concrete. Hold the bottom firmly in two hands, aim the top of the coconut where it was attached to the tree at the sharp edge. Raise both hands above your head and bring the nut crashing as hard as you can into the solid object. Get barbaric on it! Bruise up the base then work on the sides.

At this point remember the nut is located at the bottom of the shell. Around the but is a thinner section of husk. If you bash too hard in this you risk cracking the nut and loosing the water.

Once you have bruised the top enough you will be able to tear of strips.

Bruit force, bash, rip is the method.


All right we have the husk off and the coconut is fully intact! Hard work is done and you might need a swim to clean off the husk and sweat.

Step 3: Open without spilling

That hard work is about to payoff.

Break off a sharp piece of shell from an old coconut lying around or find a strong sharp stick.
At the top of the coconut are three lighter marks. One will be big and quite soft. You can poke your sharp object through this hole to make a drinking hole.
Now you need an air hole for maximum flow.
The second hole may be harder to open but perseverance will reap rewards.

Hydrate yourself. Drink that bad boy!!!
Alternatively pour into a empty bottle and save for a mixer. Coconut water is delicious with rum, ice and a squeezed lemon.
Once you have drained the juices. Crack her open and get stuck into the meat.

1: Find a rock or solid tree.
2: Throw coconut as hard as you can at said rock or tree.
3: repeat step 2 until you crack the coconut open.

Step 4: Eat the meat

You should be able to bite the meat out of a broken section of coconut. Then use that to scoop out the rest. Jam a clean coconut shard between the shell and meat forcing off chunks at a time.



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