Sunday-fun-day with Naked Tiger

Sunday-Fun-day with the Naked Tiger


_DSC6973Sunday Funday had arrived and Bianca and I were at the Naked Tiger in Nicaragua for the experience. We got a late start. Ping-pong balls were flying into beer cups, the drinking game ‘circle of death’ was almost finished and a beer funnel was past to the person across from me. It was 10am. We cracked our first beers and challenged the beer pong champs to the next match. The Olympics’ in Rio were finished but in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua the drinking Olympics were just beginning. I realised early on we were in for a very long day. As with most marathons it’s important to sprint off the start line.

If you tell anyone you are going to Nicaragua these days, the usual response is “are you going to Sunday-fun-day?” Such is the notoriety the event has gained. Every week fresh gringos wash in and the broken ones are spat out. The cycling of the gringos keeps the event fizzing with alcohol fuelled energy week in and out.

Naked Tiger is one of four hosts to the event. Hundreds of young travellers from around the world attend every Sunday for a session of debauchery. A family BBQ dinner was organised on the night before, lining stomachs and getting people introduced before the big dance.

The Crawl

_DSC6980The first bar on the pub-crawl is “Pacha Mama.” Tequila is poured down your throat on entry. We jumped straight in the pool. A volley ball bounces over the net while people splash around keeping cool in the midday sun. The race is on, sinking back as many Tona’s as is possible to buy in one go at the crowded bar.

Hotel Anamar comes second, down by the beach and is where the Sunday fun-day temporary tattoos get sprayed onto the meat of bikini bottomed bums. People line the pools and a dance floor bounces. The drinks keep flowing and you start to find your rhythm in the marathon.

At 5.30pm shuttle loads return people up the hill to the Naked Tiger. Get in early because there is no better place to watch the sunset. As night takes over the DJ gears things up again, loud drum and bass rings out through the dance floor and out into the hillside. At this point the best way to describe the party is like something out of a music video!

The rave continues for anyone able to make it at one more location Arribas, it is only 8:15pm when the bus rolls up, it feels like 4am. Long into the night the party music rages and the reprobates rejoice. When the morning sun arrives another marathon is over and we can’t be sure if those left standing are actually the winners…

Naked Tiger

Some hostels we visit have all the makings for a really great environment but something isn’t quite right. Naked Tiger has found that missing ingredient. The employees make sure that everyone staying at Naked Tiger is enjoying themselves. They chat to everyone and make you feel welcome then somehow they go drink for drink, shot for shot with you, it’s unnatural how they can keep that intake up while retaining their ability to work. Alas, they do! For those without the will to pack up and leave the next day, a super chill all you can eat pizza and movie night gets everyone back on their feet and ready to face the world. Those staying at Naked Tiger get a 50% discount on the $30 Sunday funday party. If you want to party, Nicaragua has the best place in Central America to do it, it’s called the ‘Naked Tiger!’

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