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Time has come for nerding out a bit here and getting all techy about the electrical equipment we travel with.  Plenty of research has gone into every item mentioned below before purchasing, knowing I would have to pack everything comfortably, safely and securely for our entire trip without sacrificing on great photo quality.

Below I have made up a list of all the tech gear we travel with.

Travel Photography, Nikon D7100, Camera, Kiwis off course, Electrical equipment


Nikon D7100 DSLR camera.
D7100 model is considered a pro-am level camera aimed at enthusiasts rather than paid professionals. Modestly priced these days at around $600 – $800 USD for the BODY ONLY.

                The Good

  • The 24MP creates very high resolution images at 6000×4000 when shooting RAW
  • Its has a loaded ISO that cranks from 100-6400 standard, and up to 25600 expanded (have it used it that high? No but I can!)
  • The auto focus has 51 point recognition – pretty damn good!
  • The camera also is a highly rated dust/water resistance – Needed travelling!
  • Ability to shoot 1080i50 – aka high res slowmo!
  • 2x memory card slots

              The Bad

  • Weight and size. At nearly 800 grams body only and 76mm wide it is a laborious task carrying around on a full day sightseeing
  • Dream camera is the Sony Ax7000


Xiaomi Yii, action camera, Gopro, Kiwis off course, travel photography, Electrical equipmentXiaomi Yi (Chinese Gopro)
We also have a cheaper Chinese Gopro knockoff named the ‘Xiaomi Yi’ for all of our extreme or underwater photos and videos. This action cam is really great value and a quality that rivals the Gopro Hero 3 in daylight conditions. At night time the footage loses some quality but it is still so much bang for very little buck.

Note: GoPro’s have taken off so much in the last few years that almost every traveller buys one. I do NOT recommend getting a Gopro as your sole travel camera. Unless you love those super wide angle distorted selfie photos. A reliable waterproof camera such as the Canon Powershot D20 will be far easier to use and take better photos for the average person than the fiddly overpriced action cameras.




  • Travel Photography, Sigma, Camera, Kiwis off course, Electrical equipmentSigma 15-50mm f/2.8 with OS
    Siggy is my little baby! My go to for everything lens I use 90% of the time. It’s focal lengths and speed makes it a great multi-purpose lens, perfect for almost all situations.
  • Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR DX
    I get to play with this beast on special occasions. If I need that super Zoom to get right up close to a monkey in a tree or surfer on a wave this is the guy who steps up. It is cheap for a zoom lens and remarkably slow. But I use it so rarely, there is no need for anything more pricey.
  • Nikon 35mm f/1.8
    My cute little fella is the lightweight backup lens I carry. Heaven forbid anything were to happen to my baby then this nice little 35mm would cover my back nicely until I can get siggy repaired.



Macbook Pro Mid 2010
I use this to edit my photographs from their RAW file format using adobe programs lightroom and photoshop. I have done some home improvements to keep my old macbook humming along nicely. I also have a protection sleeve to keep her safe from dings.
Upgrades include:

  •  8gb Ram
  • 250GB SSD in place of the CDROM
  • New battery to cope with the additional strain.



It can be daunting for the average person when asked to take a photo with my great big camera and the results are often so hit and miss that we needed a tripod. We can frame everything how we want and take as many photos as we like to get the perfect shot. I’m a little obsessed here so I travel with two.

  • 15 inch Gorilla pod – I take this out when we go for longer walks and I don’t want to break my back with the big guy. Very handy, small and attaches to almost anything. It is a lot safer than having your camera sitting on a wall unsupported.
  • 1.5m XCSOURCE unbranded tripod – I found this gem on ebay for rather cheap. It folds up to roughly 30mm and has a carry bag which can attach to the outside of my bags. Sometimes you just need that big bad tripod to steady your shots. You will notice the improvement in your photography when you start to use a tripod.


Camera Bag

Travel Photography, Camera, Kiwis off course, Electrical equipmentInsurance companies often don’t cover you if your equipment is not with you in arms distance or completely locked away. For example if they are beneath your bus in the baggage compartment and get stolen – Not covered! Because of this you need a day bag that can hold everything important to you but also keep everything protected.

This bag ticked all my boxes and more for a number of reasons:

  • The cushioned camera compartment is backward facing, hidden away from pickpockets.
  • 15inch Laptop sleeve compartment
  • Bottom Tripod clip
  • Two large water-bottle compartments
  • Hip and chest straps help spread the load comfortably on my hips
  • Lots of pockets and room for extra equipment.
  • Rape whistle



  • 2x Cellular Phones. Mini computer for research and boredom busting with music.
  • Headphones – Essential for that needed “me time” when you block out the world.
  • 2x 1tb Hard Drives for backing up photos. – one also has plenty of movies
  • Anker 20100 power core – From full will charge a phone 6 times!
  • Glass cleaner and shimmy cloth – For cleaning lens’s, glasses and computer screen
  • Tornado – Little hand blower for removing lens or mirror dust.
  • Spare lens cap – I brought two after I lost my original and was without a cap for 3 scary days.
  • Wireless remote – essential for night-time long exposures of stars ect.
  • Swiss army knife – ridiculously handy
  • Allen key – for when tripod mounts get stuck on.
  • Clear glass filter to protect your real glass lens
  • Spare battery – don’t get caught with your pants down! Take a spare.
  • Plumbing tape + superglue – Mr fix it on the go!
  • Chargers for everything!


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