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Stockholm, Sweden Guide.

Sweden's in Sweden

Sweden’s in Sweden

Brett’s last name is Sweden, it was only a matter of time we organized a cheeky weekend trip to Sweden. We heard Stockholm was the best city to visit so we signed up and saw it for ourselves. Here is our Stockholm Guide.

It is the most popular city in the Nordic countries, with a lot of character and beautiful sights we were excited to see what Stockholm had to offer.

We went for a long weekend and took an extra day off to make the trip worthwhile. I think it was enough time to get the feel for the city and we were also rather lucky with weather – clear blue skies made for great photo opportunities.



StockholmWe were really lucky to nab some super cheap flights from Ryanair – London Stansted to Stockholm Skvasta was £28 each return. Check out sky scanner to grab the cheapest flights.

I was organized this time and purchased airport transfers online from the airport to the city centre with Flygbussarna airport coaches. It was cheaper to purchase tickets online

The Metro system in Stockholm is superb. (A refreshing change from London’s underground) The platforms are huge and the trains are frequent. Instead of using every spare inch to blast commuters with advertising, the Swede’s have chosen to use the metro space as art. Displaying lots of statues and cool colour schemes it is worth a visit even without needing to use the metro for transport.
You can buy and top up metrocards either at stalls next to the gates or from the food kiosks in the stations.



StockholmWe were doing this trip cheaply, we decided to couch surf. Brett was in charge in finding the couch for us and he succeeded. We met and stayed with Adrien. He was the most amazing and welcoming person. Hugely interesting and so friendly, we both felt like we had known him for a long time. He was easy-going and went out of his was to make sure we were having a great time in Stockholm. Adrien was working in the city and has been living in Stockholm for 3 years so he knew all the good local spots. Not only do you get to meet really cool people couch surfing you also get to find out all the hidden secrets only locals know.



On our first night we made home cooked Swedish meatballs in Sweden! Adrien showed us how to make it (it was pretty straight forward) and is definitely a must when visiting Sweden.

Flippin burgerFlippin Burger
As you might know I am a huge burger fan. So when we heard about this great burger place called ‘flippin burger’ we were drawn in. Was not impressed when we had a 45min wait in a packed bar with no real room to breath or take off our winter coats. But beer has a wonderful way of making the time seamlessly slip by. When seated we were crammed into a bench seat jostling our neighbors for elbow room.
We ordered the ‘Cricket’ and the Cheese Burger. One bite and we were up in the burgery clouds, the wait a lost memory, elbow room irrelevant. The burgers were very nice and I would definitely recommend them.

We gave a 7/10 on the burger scale.


Must see and do

  • Wander round old town and go window shopping. Stockholm reminds me of an Stockholm Parlimenthourglass, with the old town right in the middle.
  • Vassa Museum – probably one of the best museums I have ever been to. The museum displays the well-known warship Vassa. It takes you through the story of the sunken ship and how they raised it from the depths of the Stockholm harbour. It is very informative and easily accessible.
  • Climb the hill opposite the city hall to get some amazing panoramic views. Great photo spot.
  • For all those ABBA fans out there, check out the ABBA museum.
  • Walk around the park and be sure to spot some deer.


Travel Tips

  • Stay with locals for free – consider couch surfing, a site that connects travellers with locals who offer free accommodation.
  • Refill your water bottle – not only is it expensive to buy water but a great way to save the environment!
  • Purchase the Stockholm card- if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, this card allows you to get into most museums for free and gives you access to the city’s public transport
  • Sweden uses standard European plugs



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