Best Travel Apps We Actually Use

Download These Travel Apps

  • Revolut

A total must have! They send you out a card which you can use exactly like a credit card. Transfer money on the app then withdraw your money for FREE! Yup, no bank fees. What’s more you get the exact currency rate! You can also use when buying in-store or online.

Best Travel Apps We Use


FREE detailed offline maps. Download the city you’re about to visit (offers worldwide maps) and mark out all the points of interest your accommodation, activities, restaurants etc… The app also has an option to set your route to see long it will take to get to your destination.

  • Currency Converter

Currency is a pain in the ass to keep on top of when traveling through multiple countries. Know how much you’re actually spending. Find out what 10 of your currency converts into then use that as a gauge on your spending.

  • DuoLingo

Learn the basics of a new language before you visit the a foreign country. Order a coffee, be polite ask for simple directions. We can’t expect everyone to speak English.

  • Been

Cool little app which plots where you have been. See what percentage of the world you have covered.


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