Transport: 6 tips to get there cheaper!

Alternative cheap transport choices

The internet has connected the world beautifully, and one benefactor is the traveler. Old methods of transport still exist, but we have a lot more variety now in what, when and how we decide on our modes of getting from A to B. This guide will go through a bunch of things Bianca and I put into practice while travelling to save often time and money.

1. Bla Bla Car

We love to Bla Bla!

At first it felt like it could be weird jumping in a car with a stranger? Didn’t mum specifically tell us not to do this! But just like Couch Surfing, you have to get over being in your own personal bubble. Isn’t that what travelling is all about? Meeting new people and having adventures, finding out about other cultures.

You begin to realize that not everyone is a serial killer who is out to get you once the shyness shackles are off. You do still need to be careful. Read the drivers reviews on the app and make a judgement call. If he has negative reviews because he forced someone to help him bury a body then don’t ask for a ride. Simple.

Bla Bla Car also hold payments until both the driver and the passenger have given approval to a safe journey so you don’t have to worry about dealing in cash.

2. Say no to TAXI’S

Okay sometimes you’re in a pickle pie and have no other option but to taxi. Nasty predicament, make sure you try haggle down price before the journey! Unless we have pre-booked on a very cheap taxi website then we don’t bother!

There are also Taxi alternatives like Uber in some countries which are generally cheaper.

3. Use the local transport system

What has worked best for Bianca and I is to try workout the public transport system. It becomes part of the adventure and you can be proud of yourself for nailing it once you have mastered the underground or bus timetable. With a smart phone and WiFi connection this should totally manageable by almost anyone! Otherwise ask… if they don’t speak your language then point.

Know how long you will be in a particular place and workout how many times you will use the transportation. Return journeys are usually cheaper than 2x single tickets. Maybe a 3 Day or a Week long pass will work out cheapest for you.

4. Get some shoe mileage

It’s always cheapest to walk. Strolling around the city helps me mentally orientate myself. It also means you can see more and come across things you weren’t expecting. Just make sure you have a map or if you are using your smart phone, make sure it’s charged.

5. Hitch Hike

Check to see if this is legal first. We don’t want to run foul of the law man. In some countries hitchhiking is very common and in some even encouraged. Although there may be some rules around Hitchhiking which vary country to country. For example in Europe you are not alllowed to hitch hike where there is no pedestrian access.


  • Choose your location wisely (truck stop/cafe near motorway on ramp in correct direction)
  • Make a sign.
  • Don’t look dodgy (clean blood stains, hide machete, take off your sun glasses)
  • Draw attention to yourself (be creative here)
  • Be kind and appreciative by offering a small donation to help with petrol

6. Organization

This is Bianca’s specialty. She is a planning guru and saves us hundreds though having a brain like a calendar.

It is spontaneous and liberating to not know when or where you are going next, but it is not as cheap. If you have a general plan in place you can book flights or trains.

We often book in advance for a major flight or that special hotel. Knowing in advance a general outline of our upcoming trips means we can spend the time shopping around the internet finding the best deals.


  • Flights are typically cheaper on week days and brought 6-8 weeks out, 3 months advance during peak season.

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