Croatia : guide to good times

This is a difficult blog post to write, my memory of Croatia was… compromised. 

I do seem to have enjoyed myself in Croatia. Hazed memories Sail Croatiareveal glimpses of laughter, pina colada’s and also some
cross dressing. I recall the sensation of heat on my back while inert, strewn on the deck of our boat. The weightlessness of flight, followed by a rush of refreshing Adriatic sea as I threw my sorry excuse into the drink. I definitely recall another pina colada at this point. Photographic evidence confirms a dabbling in debauchery. Friends were made, memories were lost dam Croatia was a lot of fun!

Sail Croatia tends to be high on many young Kiwi and Australians’ European adventures list. The coast between Dubrovnik and Split we visited is what I will now think of when people say paradise. Croatia’s jagged cliffs, the backdrop to idyllic villages. Islands like Hvar with crystal clear water lapping its sandy beaches. Historic marvels like the outer wall surrounding Dubrovnik orange tiled roof village still intact from the medieval times make Croatia a rugged yet totally romantic country.



Sail CroatiaWe arrived in Dubrovnik airport where public buses are readily available. From the airports they will take you to the port. Our transport needs were catered for entirely while on the water through our amazing
crew and boat ‘the Almissa blue‘. Although we again used the public bus service when necessary to venture further out. It was easy enough to understand.





Sail Croatia

Sail Croatia boats tied up together.

Again we were catered for in this department. Small rooms with bunk beds are used on the boats, while some opt to take their mattresses onto the top deck and star gaze.

The rooms do become like an oven in the morning heat and the windows of the lower cabins must have the windows shut during sailing or water does pour in.



Sail Croatia

location of best steak in my life and the worst calamari.

Seafood is plentiful and delicious here. Whole fish are served up at restaurants. However I had an eye fillet steak the was so knee weakening good that I have to now recommend this to all… Get the steak in Croatia.

One let down was the calamari, instead of a battered n deep fried piece of fresh seafood, a very chewy piece of pan fried rubber tire was produced. This is not a generic sweep of all Croatian calamari, this was just the experience that we had.



Must see & do 

  • Organize your Sail Croatian Cruise with Almissa Blu best crew, funnest boats, greatest adventure! Plus they are Locally owned and operated by an awesome guy called Marko.
  • Walk along the great walls in Dubrovnik, it’s a beautifully scenic walk around the town with some great photo opportunities along the way. Will take over an hour so pack a water bottle because it gets hot.
  • Take the gondola up the cliff if you have enough time for another stunning photo opportunity looking down at the walled town.
  • If you can find it, there is a little door which takes you outside the wall on the sea side. Cool off after your walk, Jump from the rocks into the water.
  • Party hard with a night out in Spilt
  • Get active! Croatia attracts a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, rock climbing, paragliding, hiking and many more
  • Dress up like a pirate and head to the famous cave party at the Deep night club in Makarska


Tips & Advice

  • The locals are very macho, and I get the feeling that they don’t enjoy tourists taking up their space on their beach. Just be polite and respectful as you normally would. This is their paradise your sharing. (Males dressing up as females also seems to offend)
  • Visit in the low season, it is a lot cheaper


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