Nyhavn Copenhagen

Beautifully coloured harbour Nyhavn

Fresh of the train from the airport Bianca and I stepped out for a stroll to get our bearings and take a few snaps of Copenhagen. Bianca was posing with a large piece of street art. I took a few steps backwards to capture the entire scene. As I took one step further I inadvertently stepped straight into a bike lane and an oncoming bike. Amateur mistake! I readied myself for the expletive laden lashing in Danish, which I probably deserved. Instead the cyclist rang his merry bell and swerved past, giving me a warm smile in the process then carried seamlessly on his happy way.
This moment I knew there was something different about Copenhagen. Something Special. In this city street art is embraced, café culture is rife and as you look around it is easy to see people are just happy.


  • The trains run every 10 minutes from the Airport terminal 3 to Copenhagen Central Station in about 13 minutes. During the night the trains run 1-3 times an hour.
    Tickets can be bought at the ticket machines in terminal 3 just above the railway, and at the DSB ticket sales counter, also located in terminal 3. Please note that the machines only accept coins and credit cards, not notes.
  • Cycle everywhere – Although Amsterdam is seen as the European cycling capital, Copenhagen does it better. The city streets are all lined and marked exceptionally well with bike only zones. Everyone has a bike and most hostels do bike rentals. Everything is walkable distance although it is worth renting a bike for the few days you are in Copenhagen to get around faster.
  • London to Copenhagen is consistently one of the cheapest flights on Skyscanner. We paid 42GBP each for a return ticket.



Urban House Hostel – 8/10 Most of the hostels in Copenhagen are located walking distance from the central train station. Urban House is just one street away. Inside is plenty of common areas, good lockers, Bike Rental, and a decently priced bar. The Beds were comfortable bunks with nice sheets. Each room came with an en-suite with shower and toilet. It was averagely priced at 10GBP per night.



Copenhagen, Bronx Burger

That face says it all.

  • Smørrebrød – An open topped sandwich is the preferred lunch option of the locals. Available at almost any café or restaurant they come with a variety of different toppings. The corned beef with onion rings was our favourite.
  • The Bronx Burger Bar – On every trip we try find the best burger joint in the city. A friend recommended the Bronx Burger Bar, so once our appetites were ready we headed in. The Burgers are big and juicy though you may need to go out to the next stop on your belt if you finish the lot.
    The Bronx burger – Beef, cheddar, bacon and a generous dose of guacamole was our favourite burger. YUM 7.5/10
  • Meat Packing District Food Market. – Open during the summer weekends. You will find a variety of honest street food made with fantastically fresh produce. The price is reasonable and food delicious.


Must see & do 


  • Copenhagen has a few different cultural districts all of which must be visited.
  1. The Meat Packing District.
    The district has converted from meat works into an art district with funky pop up shops, bars and art galleries. When we arrived in the centre of the car park was a food market with delicious smells pouring out of every stall.
  2. The Old Town
    Just like most European Cities, Copenhagen has a beautiful old town that is home to Carlsberg’s brewery, beautiful buildings and a cathedral. It is well worth wandering through the cobbled streets.
  3. Christiania
    A Freetown community unlike anything I have seen before. Focused on being a sustainable, ecological and green society. The government and police force leave Christiania to itself. Meaning the Community has its own unique set of rules including No hard drugs, no vehicles and no running. In the green light district of Pusher Street you can purchase cannabis over the counter. We walked into a pub in which the smoke was as thick as a steam room. 4 old men sat around a backgammon board, each man with a blunt the size of a Cuban cigar smoking away in their hands. It’s an experience!


  • Tivoli  – Tivoli is the second oldest operating Theme Park in the world. Walt Disney’s took much inspiration from the park while creating his own Disney Universe. Tivoli has beautiful gardens, architecture and some awesome rides including an old wooden rollercoaster. Directly in front of the train station in the heart of Copenhagen it cannot be missed.
  •  Christiansborg palace – It is little known, but you can go up the tower of the Christiansborg palace for free. The view from the top is stunning. You can look out over all of Copenhagen and on a clear day you can see all the way across to Sweden. Really cool place to take photos.
  • Take a stroll out to see the Little Mermaid statue and the star shaped fortifies barracks Kastellet.
  • Stroll along the Nyhavn port and look at the beautiful coloured houses.


Tips & Advice

  • Copenhagen

    On the way out to the little mermaid we found these trees and had some fun.

    Be careful of the bike lanes (face-palm) at street crossings you must wait for the green man! No jaywalking.

  • If on a budget use the Christiansborg palace free viewing platform rather than the round tower for your elevated view of Copenhagen.
  • Christiania is a really magical place and visitors are welcome to roam as they like but it deserves some respect. Follow the rules so you don’t come fowl of the locals who have created this beautiful place.
  • Rent a Bike to see more in less time.


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